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My Story

My "Why" for Perrls of Wellness

      As a young lady, I watched my mother have a mild heart attack, which she seemed to bounce back from quite well. She did everything that her health care provider’s instructed her to do. But, she didn’t have the one-on-one support and encouragement that she needed to continue on with the recommended lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, she went back to what she knew. Growing up in rural Mississippi, southern food meant, everything was breaded, deep fried or seasoned with salt and sugar. My mom eventually developed Type II diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease; along with most of my maternal aunts, who also developed these same chronic conditions.  I really believe if my mother and aunts had had someone to walk them through the process and emphasize the importance of proper weight control, nutrition and leading an active lifestyle; their lives would have turned out differently.  Do I know this to be absolute truth…No.?  However, what I do know is education and knowledge is not enough, when it comes to making lifestyle changes that will yield a healthy lifestyle. Most people need to be empowered, inspired and supported in implementing these changes.   

     As a Registered Nurse, I struggled with losing weight, eating healthy and being active. Although, I knew what to do, it was a challenge on how to do it.  I would lose weight, then gain it back, plus some. I would begin an exercise regimen, then stop when it became too inconvenient. I was more focused on the weight, than developing a healthy lifestyle. I didn’t concentrate on building a healthy body from the inside out (i.e. preventing diabetes, heart disease, lowering stress, getting proper rest, etc.) and being whole (i.e. eating healthy, be active, praying, cultivating spirituality, managing stress, focus on professional and personal wellbeing). 

     After being gone from Mississippi for over 25 years, I moved back and began to see the damage that obesity was having on the health of so many people, specifically women.  This is when God gave me the vision of Perrls of Wellness, health and wellness coaching.  As a health coach, I help women develop strategies to lose weight and keep it off. How to boost their energy, how to feel more confident and become more self-assured in who they are.  Most of us are intelligent accomplished women that know what to do, we just need someone to show us how to do it, and to walk it out with us.  

"Change Your Life! Change Your Story! Going back to the beginning and Changing Your Ending" Mary L. Williams